Sara Bouwens

Artists HI, As first, I would like to tell what inspires me. I am paticulary engaged in the search t what unconsciously affects my while i know that it is hard to completely comprehend. However, I cannot undermine my curiosity towards colors, forms, contrast and conducting visual experiments. this curiosity and ambition is intertwined with the fascination to surfaces and the desire to capture motion as a frame. The project that I am currently working on is concerned with non- human objects. The selection of non-Human objects over human objects, is that way nonliving materials take form when it is subject to the world, while the non-human materials themselves do not alter. That would imply that the world around the non-living objects form the objects/materials directly. Furthermore, do I have more sensation with the materials because I can hold it and work with it to forge it as i see best, without any confrontation. next, I will elaborate more on the methods I use within this specific project. I position the non-human objects/materials in a naturalistic location, for example the dunes at the beach. My art should assess the contrast between the non-human objectivity of objects held against the natural formation present in nature. Additionally should my work display the monumentality of my working methods. I am a student at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hauge. photography in collaboration with Nora Mulder, who is a good friend of mine but also a colleague and fellow student. contact me : sara@bouwens.nl