Laura Stavinoha

Indie Artist
Laura Stavinoha is a vocalist, songwriter, loop artist, vocal coach and producer. As a singer, she’s been involved in many styles: from baroque to deep house music and from contemporary classical to her own pop songs. For years, she has performed as a classical soprano in The Netherlands and abroad. Currently her focus is the authentic, intuitive voice, independent towards acknowledged traditions.

So far Laura has released two EP’s with her own work: Sweet Life (2012) and Looping Patterns (2015), and one EP with cover songs: From This World (2016). Being one of the first vocal looping artists in The Netherlands, she uses song based live looping: Making music by sampling her own voice with a loop station. By doing so, she wants to point out that a loop station isn’t just a funny sound effect or a ‘trick’. It’s a full-fledged instrument that you have to learn to play. Moreover, live looping challenges you to keep on being very meticulous and resourceful as a musician.

"Stavinoha has a unique sound that isn’t like anything out there right now." (Amped Sounds about Sweet Life).