Indie Artists Kryshe's exquisitely subtle and detailed ambient work resonates with chilly grandeur. Across spacious vistas reminiscent of the collaborative work of Eno and Budd, delicate yet assured melodies unfurl before being subjected to delicate manipulation. This is enveloping, minimal music with a fragility that belies its emotional potency.

Kryshe is the live and studio-based ambient project of German musician Christian Grothe. GrotheĆ­s musical explorations began by writing and recordings guitar-based songs at home, and over time his approach has become more experimental in nature. His current productions often evolve from live improvisation sessions, incorporating sound-manipulation software such as max/msp to develop a richly layered yet spacious sound. Grothe is also a member of the improvisational trio Unland, featuring ambient artist Jonas Meyer and clarinetist Shabnam Pavaresh.