Julie & the Carjackers

Indie Artists Julie and the Carjackers (Lisbon) is a rock-folk band who's music is influenced by tropical, exotica and jazz.The resulting mix is both timeless and idiosyncratic, never denouncing its stylistic origins.

The band was formed in the summer of 2009 by Jo√£o Correia and Bruno Pernadas (both musicians, composers and arrangers). The two formed Julie and the Carjackers after several years of collaboration in many different projects, playing rock, jazz and improvised music. J&TC thus appears to give shape to a body of songs that both the musicians had been composing but couldn't fit in their previous projects.

In 2010 J&TC releases a 6 song EP through online label Optimus Discos. The EP was mainly home-made. The uncompromised mood of this first release translates into a certain low-fi quality, with simple songs, sometimes naive, vaguely influenced by bossa-nova, but never losing a strong influence from American indie-rock music of the early 90's. The EP has not gone unnoticed and was followed by several concerts around Portugal, with excellent praise by both critics and public in general.

In November 2011 J&CJ release PARASOL, their debut album, through Portuguese label Pataca Discos. The new record features a more sophisticated approach to arrangements and richer instrumentation. PARASOL mixes different sonic ambiences. The organicity and diversity of instruments (marimba, flute, flugelhorn, trombone, vintage organs and electric pianos, assorted percussions…) the refinement and variety of the arrangements, all these elements contribute to the surprising and somehow mysterious feel of PARASOL.