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Benjamim is no longer Walter. The songwriter who spent four years living in London returned to Portugal in 2013 to settle in the heart of Alentejo without going through his broken house: Lisbon. He came to write new songs and revolutionize his way of looking at the world. He built his studio in Alvito and began to bring to life the new songs that fill his new (and now first) album.

Luís Nunes, baptismal name, came back for the need to write in his language, to reflect on his specific universe, to talk about the people who exist in his day to day life without the language barrier. Benjamim returned to his roots.

It is about organizing the memories of the one who is one of the sons of colonial Portugal - the father came from Angola after 74 - and combines the memories that were transmitted to him by the Super 8 movies or the long stories at the table, by his friend Quinito who Comes to life on the day he was sent to Guinea to fight a war that was too far from the Alentejo, to speak of the crisis, the port that comes to him from his mother, from love, from cars to accelerate along the Any city and to put people to dance in an almost forgotten Alentejo village and show it to the world.