Hidden Shoal

Independent Labels Hidden Shoal is an Australia-based independent publisher and label founded in 2006. Our core label team have extensive backgrounds in the Australian and international music scenes, and more importantly have an intense passion for good music, no matter the style. Our approach has earned us a reputation for releasing exciting and engaging new independent music that is not bound by genre.

Hidden Shoal was dubbed “this generation’s 4AD” by New York radio host DJ Mojo, and was described by The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle as “one of the great wonders of our age.”

Since the label’s inception, we have prided ourselves on a diverse and lovingly curated catalogue of music. The artists we work with constantly inspire and surprise us. We only work with the music we love – the kind of music we fervently listen to as fans.

We provide a co-operative support framework for our artists to release their work, while allowing them to retain 100% of their retail sales. We act as publishers for our artists and pursue licensing opportunities on their behalf, and we are constantly looking for new ways to telescope our artists’ music into new arenas.